Admission Procedure


Students are ordinarily admitted only at the beginning of the school year. For admission to any class other than nursery they must pass an entrance test. Student will be tested in the subject matter of the class , imor both the immediately blow the tone of which they seek admission.

Minimum age required for admission to p.p.1 is 3 ½ years , and 5 ½ years completed for the primary classes for media.

New pupils must be personally introduced by their parents or guardians who will be responsible to the principal for their regularity of attendance ,studies and payment of the fees.

Admission forms must be filled in by the parent. The name and date of birth of the child once entered cannot be altered thereafter.

A pupil coming from a recognized school is required to produce a school Leaving Certificate. Student coming from different districts other than Raipur are required to get the School Leaving Certificate countersigned by the competent Education Officer of the District. Transfer Certificate from the unrecognized schools are not accepted. The pupil’s progress report of the whole year and the annual exam marks should also be produced along with T.C.

A written application must be made by the parent for the Transfer Certificate of the pupil a week ahead. All the fees and other dues to the school have to be paid up before the T.C. is given.

Calendar month’s notice is to be given before the withdrawal of a student or month’s fee will be charged. A fee of Rs. 30 will be charged for the T.C.

The Principal has the right to refuse continuation of the students of any pupil whose conduct or attendance is unsatisfactory after three repeated warnings. Higher Secondary Section has three faculties, Maths, Biology and Commerce. Admission to these faculties is based on the limited number of seats , percentage of marks, character and attendance. Students falling under the supplementary grade (even from this institution) are not eligible for admission to class XI.