From ThePrincipal Desk

Education aims at the integral development of persons and equip the youth to be the agencies of national integration, solidarity and unity in diversity. It has to foster justice,freedom, equity and brotherhood. It has to liberate people inorder to be aware of their inner power and potential and thus assume integrity so as to contribute to the growth of the society to that totality of humanity.

Wholeness is a dynamic state of well-being of the individual and the society,of physical,mental,spiritual,economic,political and social well-being in harmony with each other,with the natural environment and with God. It is the fruit of our personality expressed by our physical and mental activities and attitudes. Our personality is the reflection of our inner convictions and values.

A liberated person will not count the cost of being a channel of liberation.This liberation would lead to unique determination to defeat social evils. This liberation would transform the world to accept the basic values like love,joy ,service and commitment. Man’s inner strength gifts of the spirit are faith,hope and love.They are life givers.God alone can give faith,but we can give trust.God alone can give hope,but we can teach others to love.

We are in process of becoming more healthy and full of God’life as we integrate our body,mind and spirit.We must nurture a relationship with the material world around us and with other human beings.Harmonious living is very essential for the growth of the Nation and let us not have the differences,let us work together with one heart and mind to promote harmony among all the children of God. Let us see God in everyone and everything.

To succeed,we must have tremendous perseverance and will. “I will drink the ocean”,says the preserving soul,” at my will mountains will crumble up.” Let us have that sort of energy and will power and depend on God, then we can achieve everything. Purity,patience and perseverance are three essentials to success and above all,love.

God’s might to direct us’

God’s power to protect us,

God’s wisdom for learning,

God’s eye for discerning,

God’s ear for our hearing,

God’s Word for our clearing.

May God bless u all

- Sr. Aruna Gopu